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About Our Programs

As a forensic toxicology laboratory, J2 Laboratories is an active participant in ongoing clinical research studies of various shapes and sizes.

J2 Laboratories employs the use of chemiluminescence, enzyme immunoassay and enzyme linked immunosorbant assay, gas chromatography mass spectrometry (triple quad) and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry methodologies providing a broad spectrum of analytic depth.

We offer comprehensive biochemistry metrics and statistics support or challenge research theories and we provide dedicated clinical support through project completion regardless of size or length of project.  .

Some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals and universities rely on J2 Laboratories’ ability to perform esoteric testing services.

J2 Laboratories is a preferred provider for many of the leading research programs conducting  smoking cessation studies, and the effects of cotinine (nicotine metabolite) on children and pregnant mothers.

If you are involved in a research study, and you are interested in J2 Laboratories research testing abilities, please contact

Local (520) 690-7385

Toll-free (877) 690-7385