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Certified Professional Collectors

J2 Laboratories is proud to employ a strong team of Certified Professional Collectors.  Our Specimen Collection Agents undergo various in-house training programs and certifications.  In addition, their training and expertise undergoes external proficiency assessments and certification through the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA).

As an Accredited Collection Facility, J2 Laboratories is dedicated to providing its Clients with superior collection services, which ensure the integrity of the specimen and the privacy of the donor.  J2 Laboratories has successfully met the requirements of the Accredited Collection Facility Program administered by DATIA, which was created by quality-minded leaders in the drug and alcohol testing industry interested in raising the standard of accuracy in chain-of-custody specimen collections.

Why Choose Us?

Our collection agents have successfully completed the rigorous certification program requiring expert skill in the performance of specimen collections and the profound understanding of the protocols for both Federally Mandated Drug Testing Programs and Drug-Free Workplace Testing.

To operate as a DATIA Accredited Collection Facility, J2 Laboratories and its personnel adhere to strict industry and professional benchmarks.  This set of criteria consists of regulatory compliance, professional services, specimen handling, operational practices, and superior facility equipment standards.  DATIA requires that all Accredited Collection Facilities maintain a Certified Professional Collector Trainer (CPCT) on staff to ensure the continuous training of all specimen collectors.  J2 Laboratories maintains 3 CPCT on staff.

If you are an employer, a DOT mandated company, or if you represent a Third Party Administrator (TPA) and are looking for Certified Professional Collection services, contact J2 Laboratories at

Local (520) 690-7385

Toll-free (877) 690-7385


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